Features of adaptation of medical college's students to process of training according to cardiointervalography

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It is lead studying dynamics of vegetative regulation of intimate activity of students of medical college during training. It is shown, that at students of the first year of training the moderate prevalence of a tone of a sympathetic department of vegetative nervous system is observed. On the second to year of training of value of an index of a pressure decrease, the share of sympathetic decreases too. On the third year stabilization of the studied parameters develops, and by fourth year of training some increase in a pressure of regulatory systems is marked.

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A V Savelieva

Arzamasskiy medical cоllеge

Email: somvoz@live.ru <mailto:somvoz@live.ru>
Arzamasskiy medical cоllеge

S A Saburcev

GOU VPO AGPI im. A.P. Gaydara

Email: somvoz@live.ru <mailto:somvoz@live.ru>
Кафедра зоологии, анатомии и физиологии человека и животных; ГОУ ВПО АГПИ им. А.П. Гайдара; GOU VPO AGPI im. A.P. Gaydara




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