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The article is devoted to the study of the medical and social characteristics of families of military retirees applied for dental orthopedic treatment. The following socio-demographic characteristics of the patients were studied: material status, level of education, financial status, access to benefits, employment. The researchis based on sociological research of military retirees’ self-reported health status materials (300 profiles). Most (93%) of the respondents live together with their spouse without children or with children. The majority (87.7%) assess the financial situation of the family as satisfactory. Among the working (31.3%) military retirees are satisfied with their work, in whole or in part, about 85.0%. Almost a third of respondents (37.5%) noted that they never pay for medical care; fewer say that they never pay for dental care (24.8%). Thus, dental care requires significantly higher costs.

A V Fomina

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T Yu Tararaeva
RUDN University ул. Миклухо-Маклая, 10-2, Москва, Россия, 117198

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