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A functional review of 156 patients with a median hernia of anterior abdominal wall. The data series are included in the algorithm of multifunctional surgical treatment of medial hernias. The greatest number of matches with the algorithm (53,1%) was found when using the five-factor functional analysis. Among the four-factor diagnostic options in choosing a reliable method of hernioplasty combined proved sharing criteria for intra-abdominal pressure, electrofasciomyographya taking into account the size and location of medial hernia defects (41,3%).

R I Railianu

Principal contact for editorial correspondence.
Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie Tiraspol 3300, г. Тирасполь, республика Молдова

Райляну Раду Иванович - кандидат медицинских наук, доцент кафедры хирургических болезней медицинского факультета, Приднестровского государственного университета им. Т.Г. Шевченко.

A A Botezatu

Shevchenko State University of Pridnestrovie Tiraspol 3300, г. Тирасполь, республика Молдова

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