The characteristics of accomodated in dormitories students sleep hygiene


The paper presents the results of a study of sleep hygiene of 200 students getting higher education and living in dormitories of the city of Moscow on the basis of a questionnaire survey. The average age of the girls was 21.2, boys - 21.4. Such factors as duration of night sleep, presence of daytime sleep, duration of work with desktop computer and mental work load before bedtime, time of falling asleep and awakening, time of leaving the dormitory and possibility of having breakfast, influence of morning exercises and sleep on students health etc. have been estimated. Similarities and distinctions in hygiene of sleep of young men and girls have been established. Duration of 6-8 hours of night sleep, favorable for students health, has been revealed. The duration of girls night sleep was 6 hours 24 minutes on average when for young men it was 6 hours.51 minutes, 33% of girls and 47% of young men normally air their rooms before going to bed, 27% of young men and 20% of girls do morning exercises, insomnia is more common for girls (47%), than for young men (27%). The students living in dormitories have more problems with sleep because of insufficient respect for sleep hygiene.

E A Piven
RUDN University Moscow, Russia

D A Breusov
Kursk State Medical University Kursk, Russia

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