Influences of training on karate on dynamics psycho-emotional stability and training of schoolboys


Own empirical data on influence of training classes in karate on dynamics of psycho-emotional stability and training of school students are presented in article. Researches it was carried out to 2 stages (the 1st stage - from 2007 to 2011; the 2nd stage from 2014 to 2015) - 48 pupils, and since 2013-2015 - 25 pupils of 8-9 classes of the Moscow school took part in research of level of emotional stability. The received these researches allowed revealing essential distinctions on indicators of the psycho-emotional status between teenagers who were trained by rules of “training occupations” by teenagers who were engaged according to the standard program of physical training at school. Researches showed that in comparison with pupils with usual physical activity, school students who in addition were engaged in karate, had smaller percent of infectious diseases, diseases of bronchial tube - pulmonary system and injuries.

About the authors

A V Martyshov

Center of Education № 1432 «New school»

Moscow, Russia

S V Goryunova

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow, Russia

V V Glebov

RUDN University

Moscow, Russia

S A Shastun

RUDN University

Moscow, Russia




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