Features of accumulation of microcells in bodies of urinogenital system


Infringements in maintenance in an organism of the person can be traced during all life. Presence in an environment of the raised maintenance of the some people and microcells, toxic for an organism of the person, in opinion of many authors, promotes occurrence of a background on which various diseases can develop. The salts of heavy metals contained in the Volga water (one of the basic sources of receipt of microcells in an organism of the person), are dominating among other toxicant for the population of the Astrakhan region. The submitted data can be used as the additional laboratory criterion reflecting risk of development of avarious pathology of urinogenital system.

I V Zaitsev


Кафедра общей экологии; АГТУ; АSТU

V F Zaitsev


Кафедра общей экологии; АГТУ; АSТU


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