Conversations with readers and authors. Seminar 2

Posted: 24.06.2021

The Russian Journal of Linguistics is organizing a series of webinars involving authors and readers, to promote an exchange of views on the topics of the articles presented in recent issue/s.

Seminar 2. “QS Subject Focus Summit 2020 on Modern Languages
and Linguistics: Languages and migration in a globalized world”

We invite our readers to discuss publications by the participants of this summit in the Special Issue of the Russian Journal of Linguistics.


    “Comparing languages and cultures: Parametrization of analytic criteria”
    25 (2) 343–368
  2. Minoo ALEMI, Niayesh PAZOKI MOAKHAR and Atefeh REZANEJAD
    “A cross-cultural study of condolence strategies in a computer-mediated social network”
    25 (2) 417–443
    “The changing face of contemporary translation studies through polydisciplinary lenses: Possibilities and caveats”
    25 (2) 462–478
  4. Maria YELENEVSKAYA and Ekaterina PROTASSOVA
    “Teaching languages in multicultural surroundings: New tendencies”
    25 (2) 545–568


Douglas M. PONTON (Catania University, Italy)

The webinar will take place in Teams on 29 June 2021, at 4 pm London GMT (5 pm Warsaw, Rome, Bratislava, Madrid; 6 pm Moscow, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Amman; 7:30 pm Tehran).

Registration form:

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