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VESTNIK RUDN. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. AUTHOR GUIDELINES RUDN University and Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. RUDN University (ex-Patrice Lumumba University) is one of the top Russian universities and the leader in terms of students body internationalization across the CIS and the BRICS countries (the students represent more than 150 countries of the world). Central IR scientific edition of the University - Vestnik RUDN. International Relations (published since 2001) - has also international dimension. What we focus most on are pressing global issues and the history of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, regional security in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the «North-South» relationship and cooperation within BRICS, SCO and CIS, as well as international academic cooperation. Our authors. Our authors are known Russian scholars of international affairs who represent leading metropolitan and regional universities, as well as institutes of Russian Academy of Science, and also experts from foreign countries, including those from the top European and Asian universities. Many authors of the Vestnik RUDN - postgraduates and young researchers of RUDN University - have come from the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America, who explore foreign policy issues of their states and add their local/nationspecific perspective in addressing current global issues. Thematic scope. Each issue of the Bulletin has specific thematic scope. Upcoming issues of the Vestnik RUDN for 2017 will deal with the following issues: # 1 2017 50 years of the IMF. Developing countries in international organizations till 15 December 2016 # 2 2017 The ethical and moral dimension in IR till 15 March 2017 # 3 2017 50 years of ASEAN. Regional cooperation in South-East Asia till 15 June 2017 # 4 2017 Terrorism as a global project and a threat to international security till 15 September 2017 Vestnik RUDN. International Relations is inviting prospective contributors. Both languages are welcome for articles - English and Russian. For more information on the thematic focus of the upcoming issues of the Bulletin and on the rules of submitting manuscripts, visit journals.rudn.ru. Manuscripts are to be submitted via e-mail: interj@pfur.ru to Konstantin Petrovich Kurylev marked “for publication” in the subject line. Prospective authors are welcome to send detailed abstracts (2-3 pages) outlining the purpose, methodology and hypothesis of the study, his view of the future structure, or complete, finalized papers. Editors of Vestnik RUDN. International Relations

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