The Role and Place of “Circassian Question” on US, EU and Turkey' Politics in the North Caucasus

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The Circassian diaspora is the biggest North Caucasian diaspora whose members live in almost every continent. In some countries, “Сircassian question” has acquired an evident political tint in relation to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. This article discusses come elements of the North Caucasian policy of the USA, EU and Turkey relation to the problems of the Circassian people. In the US and the EU “Circassian question” is usually used as a tool of negative pressure on Russia. In this regard, “Circassian question” is not the most important place in the politics of America and Europe, and is is activated only when it has to be used against Russia. In Turkey, the “Circassian question” has very important inner meaning, since there resides the largest Circassian diaspora. The Turkish authorities pay attention to this issue in connection with the problem of national identity of Turkish society. Also, “Circassian question” is used as a tool for rapprochement with the peoples of the North Caucasus in order to spread its influence and education of pro-Turkish population. In the Turkish policy “Circassian question” plays the role of a bridge between Turkey and the North Caucasus, and is an example of positive coexistence of titular nation and a national minority in a modern state.

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N S Belyakova

Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Center of World Culture, Institute of Contemporary International Studies




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