Thematic dossier of the issues in 2021:

# 1 2021

Non-thematic Issue

By December 1, 2020

#2 2021

US – China Global Rivalry for the World Order Model in the Post-Pandemic Future

Towards a New Bipolarity or Unipolarity? Pro-American and pro-Chinese coalitions: position of the Global South. Towards new strategic stability or open confrontation?

By February 1, 2021

#3 2021

Mediterranean Sea as a New Regional Security Complex

Neo-Ottomanism and new energy diplomacy. Interrelated conflicts (Libya / Syria) and the position of NATO countries. The role of Egypt and African agency. More...

By May 1, 2021

#4 2021

Non-thematic Issue

By August 1, 2021

Other topics are also covered in the thematic issues. Constant rubrics include “Peace and Security”, “International Economic Cooperation”, “Bilateral Relations”, and “International Academic Cooperation”, etc. The journal welcomes the publication of reviews and also the articles a pronounced research methodology, methods of applied analysis of international relations.

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