Vestnik RUDN. International Relations, a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by RUDN University (Moscow), is inviting scholars to submit papers for a special issue to be published by June 2020


Call for papers:


“Pursuing sustainability transition:

science diplomacy in North-South and South-South cooperation”

Abstract: The North-South and South-South cooperation is critical to foster sustainability transition on a global scale, and science has an important role to play in these developments. In interstate relations, science diplomacy can be perceived as a sophisticated tool to effectively provide sustainability transition. However, science diplomacy — which stems from the nexus between traditional diplomacy and shared scientific knowledge and scientific awareness — is multifaceted, and its primarily goals are to support a nation-state’s foreign policy agenda in promoting national interests, and to address global challenges. Economically developed and scientifically advanced societies have skillfully fostered science diplomacy initiatives to pursue pragmatic goals such as:

            — maintaining interstate relations and building influence with (re)emerging scientific powers (i.e. Brazil, Turkey);

            — capitalising on emerging markets of the Global South;

            — pursuing economic and research investments with official development assistance (ODA) recipient countries;

            — demonstrating scientific and moral authority as well as shared responsibility for the future and addressing global challenges.

In this regard, North-South and South-South multifaceted cooperation requires special attention from scholars from a variety of disciplines putting emphasis on the potential use of science diplomacy in sustainability transition.

Type of submission: Articles (6,000 words max including references) and a short BIO (100 words max) to Denis Degterev ( and/or Olga Krasnyak ( 

Submission deadline: 1st March 2020.