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Cajamarca Zuniga, David, Catholic University of Cuenca, Ecuador
Campos Cedeno, Antonio Fermin, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Carrère, Alain J, <p>International Commission on Large Dams; Tractebel Engineering SA, Le Delage</p>
Chasovnikov, Anton D., <p>Research Institute of Bridges and Hydraulic Engineering Structures</p>
Chiadighikaobi, Paschal Chimeremeze, <p>Peoples&rsquo; Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)</p>
Chiganova, Nadezhda M, <p>Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University)</p>
Chumakov, Artem V, <p>Volgograd State Technical University</p>
CUCAKOVIC, Aleksandar, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering

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