Prospects for production of viscous fluid by electric shaft-driven vane pumps (ESP)

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The article deals with the prospects of developing significant world reserves of high-viscosity oil. Its production requires specific equipment and technologies, selection of efficient equipment, as well as a special approach in its operation. At the same time it is necessary to take into account the influence of high viscosity on the main characteristics of pumps and on the operating conditions of the equipment in the well. The reasons for unstable operation of the ESP at start-up after long stops are described. The methods of recalculation of characteristics of pumps for oil production of common design are offered. Some results of researches of such pumps on viscous liquid and recommendations on calculation of a flowing part are provided. The possibilities of pumps with open impeller stages and with increased shaft speeds are determined. Additional reasons for decreasing the characteristics of the pump on the viscous fluid, results of the test of stage assembly with measurement of average circumferential components of flow rates at different viscosity of the pumped fluid are given. The possibility of using helico-axial pumps is also considered. Application of modern programs and methods of equipment selection and operation, ESP rotor speed regulation, liquid temperature regulation in tubing and automation of the whole oil production process is recommended. Possible design changes of the ESP in the process of tubing production for the purpose of increasing their efficiency in comparison with the serial pumps are specified. The article can be useful for specialists in design, selection and operation of equipment for high-viscosity oil production.

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Sharifjan R. Ageyev

JSC “Novomet Perm”

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21 Kashirskyi Passage, Moscow, 115201, Russian Federation

Head of the Department of Applied Hydrodynamics at the Experimental Design Bureau

Evgeny Yu. Druzhinin

JSC “Novomet Perm”

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Head of Sector of Hydrodynamics

Rustam S. Kamaletdinov

JSC “Novomet Perm”

21 Kashirskyi Passage, Moscow, 115201, Russian Federation

Deputy Director of the Department of Innovative Developments, PhD


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