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We live in difficult times. The global economy is facing unpre- cedented challenges: many of the va- lues and achievements of humanity are being undermined by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, the ability to innovate in every organization and every country, openness to international cooperation, and a willingness to ef- fectively manage national resources will be critical to finding a way out of this situation and achieving sustainable global development. In this context, countries that value and understand the need to develop innovative ecosystems come to the fore and become the drivers of the global economy. It is they who will be able to turn the tide by rebuilding economies, creating a new paradigm based on more flexible and sustainable approaches to development. The Faculty of Economics, together with representatives of other schools and directions, strives to strengthen the discussion on global problems and challenges affecting the future of world society. The issue includes articles based on materials of the XXIII International Practical Conference “Actual Problems of the Global Economy”.

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