Russian companies in the international oil and gas business: innovative vector of development

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The paper deals with the problems, the resolution of which determines the specificity, direction and validity of the optimal positioning of Russian industry companies in the international business in the oil and gas sector. The driving force of this process is the use of the advantages of international business for scientific and technical re-equipment of the oil and gas sector of the Russian fuel and energy sector. The productive use of profiling capabilities implies a mutually beneficial transfer of technologies, localization of production of modern equipment in Russia in cooperation with global manufacturers and expansion of access to the world markets of natural and produced assets of hydrocarbon origin. The conclusion reached by the authors is that the identified areas and the nature of the impact of the increased involvement of Russian participants in the international oil and gas business contribute to their competitive advantages.

About the authors

Sergey N. Lavrov

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Author for correspondence.
17 Malaya Ordynka St., Moscow, 119017, Russian Federation

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of International Business Section Department of World Economy

Boris G. Dyakin

Institute of Macroeconomic Research of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

3a 1st Khoroshevsky Ave., Moscow, 123007, Russian Federation

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Sector for International Economic Cooperation


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