Investments are the basis of economic integration of Abkhazia and Russia

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The article identifies factors influencing investment process, forms of attracting investment resources, identifies the preconditions necessary for the formation of a favorable investment climate and the role of public authorities in management and regulation of investment activity. The necessity of attracting Russian investments in the real sector of the economy of Abkhazia, which promote the modernization and development of the economy on the innovation basis, is substantiated. Investment interaction is developing process, during which its participants come together to form relatively stable economic relations of production and structural nature. Moreover, the relations prevailing in the investment area between Abkhazia and Russia, allied countries and strategic partners, the investment interaction form a close integration of communication.

About the authors

Z I Shalashaa

Institute of Economics and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia

Author for correspondence.
40 Dzidzaria St., Sukhum, 384900, Republic of Abkhazia

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of Abkhazian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Economics and Law


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