Terms of occurrence and the role of pseudo- innovations and pseudo-investments in Russian innovation economy


The article investigates the influence of one of the informal institutions braking innovation process in Russia - the so-called "administrative economy". It is shown its role as a strong incentive to concentrate the activity of subjects of the innovation process on their own goals by reducing the efficiency of the overall process. The braking mechanism based on the transformation of investments in innovation sphere into pseudo investments, which can be used for generation unnecessary for real industry pseudo-innovations is examined. It is shown how the interaction pseudo-investments and pseudo-innovations leads to filling technoparks mainly non innovative enterprises of «past days». It is proved the identity of the objectives of the managing company and residents – to promote models of priority non-innovative residents to innovative residents because of the evaluation of the technopark’s activity on the basis of the value of revenue of resident companies. It is shown the necessity of introducing of restrictions on the granting of resident status, because it makes the companies more competitive in comparison with non-residents due to preferences of the technopark. As restrictions is proposed to introduce a requirement for residents to have intellectual property.

Natalia Diesperova

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