Riscs of the Climate Changing and Measures of the Economic Losses Reduction

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Economic effectiveness of the method of weather conditions changing and creation of the artificial precipitation at the time of extreme weather events is underestimated. The movement of artificial rains to catchment area can solve the problem of towns water supply at the period of drought. The movement of artificial rains to the agricultural districts is effective for minimization of the drought’s consequences. The effectiveness of using method of changing the weather conditions in Malaysia at the period of extreme drought (14 of June — 23 July, 1998) made up more than doubled results. The impact of artificial precipitation to the forest fires gave the opportunity to reduce the number of fire hearths in 5,2 times for 2 days. The most effective way of reducing the number of the forest fires is the reduction of the fire dangerous index due to the increasing of the artificial precipitation volume at the definite district. Climate changing can be used in order to reduce smog and slash concentration of the forest fires and to ventilate broad territories.

L V Sorokin

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

Email: leonid.plasma@gmail.com


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