Analysis of changes in biological diversity within the boundaries of the nature monument “Serebryany Bor” on the example of rare and protected animal species

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The data on the analysis of changes in the number of rare species of birds, mammals and reptiles living within the boundaries of the specially protected natural territory - the natural monument “Serebryany Bor” for 2018-2020 is presented. The research used the method of visual accounting, winter route accounting, the method of route accounting of birds by E.S. Ravkin. As a result, rare species of animals listed in the Red Book were found, which indicates the biological diversity of the studied territory and justifies the need to use environmental measures within its borders to preserve rare species in the future.

About the authors

Anna A. Sorokina

Russian State Social University

Author for correspondence.
4 Vilgelma Pika St, bldg 1, Moscow, 129226, Russian Federation

Valentina M. Zubkova

Russian State Social University

4 Vilgelma Pika St, bldg 1, Moscow, 129226, Russian Federation

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Department of Technosphere Safety and Ecology, Faculty of Ecology and Technosphere Safety


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Copyright (c) 2021 Sorokina A.A., Zubkova V.M.

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