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The authors examined the results of prime test in 100 men between the ages of 4 and 79 years. Using the method of multivariate regression analysis was calculated their biological age according to the prime test. The correlation coefficient was 92.6% with a probability of error (p < 0.001). Analysis of the data revealed that some foods affect biological age. 46 product increases the biological age of the person: parsley, black pepper, mackerel, oysters, sardines, broccoli, cherries, artichokes, yeast, halibut, peas, decaf struchkovayaya beans, cauliflower, candida, raspberries, sturgeon, salad, tuna, cow’s milk, squash, lentils, strawberries, asparagus, salmon, mint, lobster, crayfish, melon, walnuts, papaya, sunflower seeds, crab, eggs, soy, formaldehyde, coffee, fennel, tea (green black), beef, aspirin, tobacco, beet, perch, cane sugar, pomegranate yogurt. 61 products reduced biological age: maple syrup, lemon, basil, squid, cheese (cow’s milk), turnip greens, goat’s milk, mangoes, pork, plums, cod, pistachios, goose, cinnamon, grapes, raisins, rosemary, currant, cranberry, peas, shrimp, wild rose, potatoes, carrots, swordfish, bananas, chicken, peanuts, apricots, almonds, butter, duck, watermelon, sesame seeds, sesame, rye, ocean perch, radishes, herring, plaice, rice, peaches, oat, pineapple, tangerines, persimmons, blueberries, blackberries, chocolate, cocoa, vehi. dyes, eggplant, mushrooms, figs, barley, honey, mullet, apples, wheat, celery, blackberries, pears, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers.

E G Turchin

Center for Natural Medicine

E P Sidorov

NII Sports Medicine RGUFK


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