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Control of air, gas analysis environments - multi-faceted tasks in the environmental field, in various industries and in research. For the protection of air from pollution requires systematic monitoring of its condition. Such control is possible only when there are methods that provide reliable determination of toxic substances (rather selective, sensitive, accurate, available and practical laboratories. Along with this, to obtain comparable results of the analysis it is necessary to use a specific method in the analysis of specific substances.The article provides an overview of the present state of the problem of the control of harmful impurities in the air of industrial premises, methods of gas analysis and gas analysis equipment, their classification is given, described the advantages and disadvantages, principles of gas analyzers.Gas analysis is of paramount importance in the production processes of many industries, including nuclear and thermal power, metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous metals, special metallurgy, coke production, gas processing, refining and petrochemical industry. Gas metering technical control working areas currently needed in all industries. Wherever there is no special personnel gas control, it is necessary to use a stationary measuring instruments or measuring systems of automatic control. These devices are mounted stationary, constant determined by the control points, and, in the event of an accident, an automatic alert system: serves light and/or audible alarms, switches off the production equipment, the ventilation switches on.Conventional laboratory methods of analysis gas can not meet the needs of modern production. The majority of technological processes requires quick analysis, continuous and automatic control of the composition of the gas mixture requires devices that could be used in automatic control systems.All of these problems can be solved with the help of modern gas analyzers, the pros and cons of which are described in this overview article.

O V Aleksashina

Moscow state engineering University

Department of System management and control of chemical production


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