Comparative assessment of air pollution of the two industrial cities of Primorsky krai — Ussuriysk and Spassk-Dalny

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A comparison of air pollution in industrial cities — Ussuriysk and Spassk-Dalny. It is shown that the predominant pollutant in Ussuriysk is CO, in Spassk — particulate matter. A distinction is also prevalence of specific pollutants: Ussuriysk — are products of the combustion of fossil fuels and minerals, hydrocarbons, including VOCs, Spassk — polyelement dust components — including heavy metals. The total amount of air pollutants falling per capita in recent years, Spassk more than three times Ussuriysk.

O L Kolomeytseva

Far Eastern Federal University


N K Khristoforova

Far Eastern Federal University



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