Projects of biomonitoring for the purposes of objects' and territories' radioecological conditions diagnostics

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The concept of biomonitoring is based on the on a basic postulate of ecology, that the condition of bioobject and its adaptable parameters reflects a condition of the environments. Each type of biomonitoring has a universal purpose, main of which is the estimation of a biota's condition, and on this information base - an estimation of quality of environment; depending on bioobject various types of biomonitoring are allocated. The typical schemes of biomonitoring allowing to control a radioecological condition of geotechnical systems are developed and tested. The technique and results are of interest for a wide range of experts in the field of preservation of the environment, ecological monitoring, ecological safety, the engineering and special services which are carrying out the ecological control of harmful manufactures, can serve as a methodical management for training of students and the personnel.

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D A Markelov

SIA «Radon»

SIA «Radon»

O E Polynova

SIA «Radon»

SIA «Radon»




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