Surface geometry of erythrocyte in calves of vegetable nutrition

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The work purpose - to assess the State of cellular composition of erythrocytes in healthy calves of plant nutrition. Object of supervision were 36 healthy calfs of a vegetative food who do not have deviations in the objective status and results of tool and laboratory methods of research which condition has been tracked from 91 days till the end of 12 months of life. The power plant in the calves is the optimal lipid composition of erythrocyte and low levels of lipid peroxidation. In the blood of calves is a lightweight power plant rising level in the blood of reversibly and irreversibly altered red blood cells with a slight decrease indiscocyteforms of red blood cells. At calfs of a vegetative food it is noticed necessary for the given stage ontogenesis high level of liquid properties of the blood, providing optimum degree perfusion an internal that substantially supports level of a metabolism necessary for an organism in fabrics, promoting the further growth and development of an animal.

T A Belova

Kursk State University



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