Thermal impact assessment by the construction of baydara bay crossing of the trunk pipelines system bovanenkovo-ukhta to permafrost environment of submarine soil

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The article is devoted to impact assessment of permafrost conditions to the bottom sediment of Baydaratskaya Bay. Thermal action of design pipeline will detect on the surviving permafrost. For investigation and prediction the changes of possible conditions in the thermal action area of a buried pipeline were elaborate the two-dimensional mathematical patterns of heat exchange in the rocks during pipeline construction.

I I Matiko

Closed (joint-stock) Company «Engineering-ecological centre „Ekoneftegaz»

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Отдел ОВОС(ЗАО «ИЭЦ «Эконефтегаз»); ЗАО «Инженерно-экологический центр „Эконефтегаз»; Closed (joint-stock) Company «Engineering-ecological centre „Ekoneftegaz»


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