Magnet storms influence on students' functional systems

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  • Authors: Panov GA1, Chizov AY.2, Kotova IN3
  • Affiliations:
    1. Department of Physical Training and Sports RPFU
    2. Department of Ecology, RPFU
    3. Psychological- medical-Social treatment center
  • Issue: No 1 (2008)
  • Pages: 60-67
  • Section: Articles
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White observing health pupils, by Nakatani's electro acupuncture diagnostics, there was noticed a considerable change of the index, which shows worsening of the examined children's health. It coincided with the magnet storm on December 11-13, 2006. The scientists supposed that it was the magnet storm that caused the change of this index. For this purpose there were also analyzed other in dice of the electro acupuncture diagnostics of 56 pupils (32 boys and 24 girls of the 4th form of school 874 in the Western district of Moscow). The obtained data confirm the negative influence of magnet storms on pupils' functional condition. There were found functional systems and organs, which are most vulnerable to the geomantic influence. They are heart, lymphatic system, large intestine, spleen-pancreas, urinary bladder, kidneys, liver and also index and the medial biocurrent (electro conductivity).
The examination of pupils' functional condition is quite reasonable. It would desirable to conduct such observations on greater scale.

About the authors

G A Panov

Department of Physical Training and Sports RPFU

Department of Physical Training and Sports RPFU

A Ya Chizov

Department of Ecology, RPFU

Department of Ecology, RPFU

I N Kotova

Psychological- medical-Social treatment center

Psychological- medical-Social treatment center




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