Peculiarities of external respiratory functioning in 17-22-year-old students living in adverse ecological conditions of Northern Kazakhstan

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Respiratory function of 17-22-year old students living in adverse environmental conditions of Northern Kazakhstan was investigated. The study of external respiration was carried out according to the spirograph method using the hardware-in-the-loop complex Valenta. Physiological assessment of students' respiratory function was evaluated on the basis of the percentage correlation of actual rate to due value. It is found that a number of external respiration parameters differ from due value. Reliable drop of external respiration actual rate has been revealed that can be caused by the human organism adaptation to the complex of negative climatic and environmental factors of Northern Kazakhstan.

V N Fedorov

North Kazakhstan state University

Кафедра общей биологии; Северо-Казахстанский государственный университет им. М. Козыбаева; North Kazakhstan state University


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