Fenotipichesky survival at cellular level of activity of areas nucleus organizing regions of aboriginals of Kursk region

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Activity nucleus organizing regions in Kursk area has made 19,46 ± 0,13 c.u., D-ЯOР - 11,68 ± ± 0,09 y.e., G-ЯОР - 7,78 ± 0,07 y.e., thus in surveyed population small amount ЯОР with the sizes 0 and 4 c.u. is registered. Besides, activity communication nucleus organizing regions with intensity of synthesis of proteins of membranes erythrocyte at inhabitants of Kursk area has been investigated.
The greatest phenotypic the effect of activity nucleus organizing regions was showed in the quantitative maintenance of proteins spectrin and the squirrel of a strip 6.

About the authors

I V Amelina

Kursk Institute of Social Education (branch)Russian State Social University

Email: zsyu@046.ru
Kursk Institute of Social Education (branch)Russian State Social University




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