A Real-Time Iterative Projection Scheme for Solving the Common Fixed Point Problem and Its Applications

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In this paper, we are concerned with the Common Fixed Point Problem (CFPP) with demicontractive operators and its special instance, the Convex Feasibility Problem (CFP) in real Hilbert spaces. Motivated by the recent result of Ordon˜ ez et al. [35] and in general, the field of online/real-time algorithms, e.g., [20, 21, 30], in which the entire input is not available from the beginning and given piece-by-piece, we propose an online/real-time iterative scheme for solving CFPPs and CFPs in which the involved operators/sets emerge along time. This scheme is capable of operating on any block, for any finite number of iterations, before moving, in a serial way, to the next block. The scheme is based on the recent novel result of Reich and Zalas [37] known as the Modular String Averaging (MSA) procedure. The convergence of the scheme follows [37] and other classical results in the fields of fixed point theory and variational inequalities, such as [34]. Numerical experiments for linear and non-linear feasibility problems with applications to image recovery are presented and demonstrate the validity and potential applicability of our scheme, e.g., to online/real-time scenarios.

About the authors

A Gibali

Ort Braude College

Email: avivg@braude.ac.il

D Teller

Ort Braude College

Email: ktui619@gmail.com


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